Buddy Dowd, Allen Johnson, and Tim Richman established Bear Creek Fabrication, LLC (BCF) to service structural steel fabricators in need of relief from production limitations and aggressive project schedules. The use of the latest computer aided fabrication equipment, our highly skilled & well trained workforce operating under strict quality control procedures and our customer based approach to project management enable us to help our customers achieve their goals. BCF quickly earned the reputation for quick mobilization and bettering tight deadlines, all while producing a quality product at extremely competitive prices. With an economy in decline and the commercial construction market becoming increasingly competitive, BCF began servicing other markets, including, but not limited to:

  • Structural Steel (Schools, Medical Office Buildings, Hospitals, Courthouses, Data Centers, Canopies)
  • Mining Operations (Conveyors, Hog Rod Trusses, Box Trusses, Skirt Boards, Bent Supports, Take Up Boxes)
  • Bulk Material Handling (Truck Dump Hoppers, Diverter Gates, Conveyors, Infeed Chutes, Discharge Chutes, Gallery Trusses)
  • Public Utilities (Sub-station Steel, Crossarm Braces, Lattice Towers, Lattice Trusses, Weathered Steel (A588), Low/High Bus Supports, Rebar/Anchor Bolt Cages)
  • Industrial Fabrication (Service Platforms, Catwalks, Mezzanines)
  • Cell Tower Modification (Diagonal and horizontal bracing, weldments, split pipe tower leg reinforcing, bypass reinforcing plates, monopole reinforcing [65 KSI material], guy wire anchoring components)

We are a versatile fabricator that enjoys a good challenge!